Saturday, July 26, 2008

Introducing Kaleb Alvin Johnston

Look at that cute, chubby, round face! hee hee
Proud big brothers!
Hailee not to sure about Kaleb??
The cute outfit my sista bought for Kaleb...the hat is a bit big hee hee! And look at that Dimple!! LOVE IT!!
Ready to go home after a quick stay at the hospital (we took him home before he was even a day old!) :)

Well here he is.... the newest member of the Johnston family, Kaleb Alvin Johnston. Stats: Born July 24th at 6:25pm, Weight: 7lbs 15.5 oz, Height: just under 20". It was a hard delivery (came out looking to the side...OUCH!!) but every second was worth it! Now we have a healthy baby boy. The kids absolutely love him! He's constantly bombarded with kisses. Aidan is such an amazing big brother, always wanting to hold him. He's actually holding him now as I type this. He gets mad when we take him away. So CUTE!! Kaleb is happiest when he can hear the kids. His first night, last night, was a hard one because he's use to soo much noise and it was just too quiet for him, so he was up pretty much all night. We'll fix that soon enough! We are loving having him here and just wanted you all to meet him! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hey everyone, it's David here and Chrystal told me I had to post something about baby #4. So we went to the hospital last night to get Chrystal induced. She was able to sleep until about 2 am when she started having contractions that steadily got stronger and closer together. Around 7:30am though the "waffer" that was used to induce labor fell out!! So that slowed things down, but she was still having contractions just not as strong or regular. Finally around 1 pm her doctor broke her water and starter her on the drip to get things going. She got an epidural and was comfortable but really tired. At about 5:30 pm her contractions started getting significantly stronger and I told her she'd have the baby at 6:25 (she guessed 6:15). However the baby's head was face up, which was starting to be very painful for Chrystal. For the first time in 4 deliveries I heard my wife screaming in pain, which alerted the nurse and doctor to come in right away. She started pushing despite the pain and as she did the baby turned 90 degrees and was now facing me (I was holding her left leg, prime position!). This, according to the doctor, would be more painful but Chrystal didn't care, she wanted that baby OUT!! So amidst the screaming and pushing soon the a little head popped out with his hand right by his face pointing at me (the doctor said "look dad, baby's waiving at you"). With another push the baby was out and instantly Chrystal and I both looked down below to see it was a BOY!! Chrystal let out the biggest sigh of relief and the rest is history. Both Chrystal and baby are doing great and should be home by tomorrow, so I'll post something later.
Oh, by the way, did you want other details???? Okay, so he was 7 lbs and 15 oz (our biggest yet), was just under 20 inches long. I got to name him and when he was born the doctor asked me what the name was and I had 3 different names in mind so I told her that I had to look at him first. As I held him for the first time, he started opening his eyes and was soon staring at me. It was so cute. So I decided to name him . . . . . KALEB ALVIN (after my dad) JOHNSTON.

So there you go, we're super excited to welcome our 4th, and LAST, child into the world!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Talented Sister..... amazing! My sister is here helping me around the house and to watch the kids (if this baby ever decides to come out!) when the baby comes. I've been trying to convince her for a while now to start her own photography business and she agreed to take some maternity pics for me and these are just a few of them. So AWESOME!!! She made a blog now for her photography stuff until she gets things figured out but I'm sure I've got her convinced now to do it and I couldn't be happier. Hopefully this baby will arrive while she is here so she can do some newborn pics too. If you wanna check out her photography blog here is her link
So go give her some encouragement for me! :) Thanks!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Trip to Jasper

Here we are at the top of the Tramway in Jasper. It was FREEZING and blowing but a beautiful view of all of Jasper.All of us squeezed into the good old Odyssey. Elder Black is by Hailee and Elder Capsin is between the boys.Athabasca Falls

The Alberta Rose... our provincial flower. Pretty EH!!

Mount Edith Cavell. We ate our lunch at the base of this mountain, not a bad view eh! hee hee

The boys eating some yummy sandwiches and chips...mmmm. A chipmunk and a few birds kept trying to steal our lunch.Hailee munching away...what's new.Eating lunch and having some fun enjoying the scenary.
The kiddos at the start of the hike at the base of Mt. Edith Cavell.

The view on the otherside of the ridge, a nice cold lake with a beautiful glacier.
The boys taking a much needed rest and snack. What great little hikers!

So this last Wednesday we took a road trip to Jasper. One of our Missionaries (Elder Black) is going home next week (that's right, done the mission!) so he and his companion got permission to go to Jasper for their P-day. So we were happy to oblige! We first went on the Tramway up to a top of a mountain so that they could get a really good view of all of Jasper. Then we headed to Athabasca falls. Then we headed up to the base of Mt. Edith Cavell where we had some lunch and then the boys (the missionaries, David, Aidan and Xander) went on a little hike over a ridge to go so the beautiful glaciers and a little lake. The boys hiked the whole way! (45 mins there and back) Hailee and I just bummed around the parking lot and looked for rocks (since we were locked out of the van and couldn't take a nap :( ). Then we took the Elders to the town sight where they did some shopping and of course we all got some treats. On our way home we stopped in Hinton for some supper at BP's. YUM!! It was a great day and the weather turned out a lot nicer than was forecasted so we were all happy about that.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Belly Art

It's that time again! So we have a tradition that every time I'm prego we color my tummy sometime in the last trimester (aka belly art). So we decided that for FHE we would let the kids go nuts. They thought it was pretty cool being able to color on mommy. They were a little obsessed with the belly button. David even got in on the action and drew the maple leaf....our little canadian baby! Not to much longer before we meet our newest addition...hopefully he comes sooner than later.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A few updates: Cousins and backyard fun!

My biker dudes!
Cousin Isaac
Cousin Conner...what a cutie!
Cousin Zoe
Watermelon babe....she's in the middle of saying "Waaah" which means water and apparently watermelon too!
Aidan doing his "Cheese" smile...and looking a little beefy in this pic??
Can't forget Xander Man!
So the last few days we've had some fun company. Amy, Trev and the kids came up for a visit from Utah and came to stay at our place for a few nights. The weather has been really warm here so to cool off we hung out in the backyard and had some yummy messy watermelon! A great summer time snack. The kids all played really well together and we had a great time catching up. They also told us some really exciting news...I'm not sure if I'm suppose to share it or not but I'm too excited so I will anyways....they are moving back up to Edmonton!! YIPPIE! We were totally excited when they told us. Now we will be close to all of our family and cousins! Thanks for coming the Original Johnston Jungle family! ;)

}Camping fun!

The novice campers (now experts! :D ).
Playing on the beach at Gull Lake.
Beach babe!
Beach studs!The kids with the cousins in their mini camp chairs.

Every year we try to make it out camping so that our kids get accustomed to it...since that's what David and I love to do. So we decided we better go soon...before baby #4 comes along. So we went just before the long weekend. This was Hailee's first time camping and she did awesome. All the kids slept well, it was nice and warm and we all had a blast. We went to Aspen beach (Gull Lake), specifically Brewers campground. It was suggested by my sista (thanks Dash, we had a great time!) and the kids loved it! There were playgrounds, a nice beach and a nice fairly warm lake to splash around in. The kids would have lived at the beach if the could of. I thought the kids would play shy with the water but the first visit to the beach Aidan jumped right in...he didn't even have his swim trunks on yet! Dash, Darren and the girls even came up for Friday to spend the day with us. It was a great camping trip and we can't wait to get out again....maybe not this year though. :)

Here fishy fishy...

Ok, so for those of you who know David and I you know that we both LOVE the outdoors. So David and I decided it was time we taught the boys how to fish. So we went out and bought them their own little rods and tried to teach them the fundamentals of fishing. They still don't know how to cast but they are really good at reeling the line in. :) It was so cute watching my Boys fishing together. The boys loved every minute of it....even though Xander didn't even have an actual hook or bait on, he still thought he was really fishing. I love being able to teach our kids everything that our parents taught us and then the fact that they actually enjoy the same things as us is always satisfying too.