Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Aidan!

Today we celebrated Aidan's 3rd Birthday! I still can't believe my little boy is 3 already. We had his party at the "pump it up" party place with a bunch of Aidan's friends. It was a blast!! I think the adults had just as much fun if not more than the kids. So thanks to all of you that came...we hope you all had fun!

Carving maniacs

The carving crew.
Our niece Zoe...what a great helper!

Xander enjoying eating the pumpkin seeds and junk....yuck! Crazy kid!
Isaac, our nephew. What a cutie!
Aidan helping clean out his pumpkin

Sunday night we all carved pumpkins as a family activity with David's brother Trevor and his family. The kids had a blast....always a fun tradition!

What do you get when you toss a baby around just after eating...

...puked on!! hee hee :D Take that uncle Trevor! ;)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pick'n Pumpkin

So we went out to Canby yesterday to pick some pumpkins. We rode on the train, played around, saw the animals and of course picked some pumpkins! David's brother Trevor and his family (Amy, Zoe, Isaac and Conner) came down to visit us for 5 days and we thought we'd go out and have some fun. Good times were had by all! I love this time of year!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Guess who's 27??

Awwwww! Still just as cute today as the day you were born! Happy Birthday David!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Handsome Boys!

Here are some pics of the boys. We had fun today posing and taking pics...and I had fun with photoshop too! Love that program! What cute kids we have!!

Hello Pretty Girl!

Here are some photos I took of Hailee today...just for fun! I also played with photoshop with a few of them! And yes, her eyes are really that blue! LOVE IT!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Update...sorry no pics :(

So lots has been happening in the Johnston household. First of all Hailee is finally sitting on her own and crawling! Her crawling is hilarious though! She doesn't do the standard "hands and knees" way! She is full out "commando crawler". She moves fast too. She's loving her new found freedom and pesters the boys by chasing them around the room. Anything and anyone on the floor is free game now. She is such a doll, is always smiling and giggling! She also said her first word the other day. It was "mama"! We were all sitting down for dinner and she just said it out of nowhere, clear as day too. I'm sure she had no clue what she just said, but she said it and that's all that matters! It made me feel really good, considering the boys' first words were both "dada". I guess she's a mama's girl! hee hee

Aidan is such a little stud! He's such a great helper lately. He watches out for Xander. We were out the other night going to Target and I got the boys out of the van and was going to get my diaper bag and Xander went running for the road, but Aidan grabbed his hand and pulled him back and told him "no Xander!". It was sooo cute! My little helper! He also loves to help clean up, do dishes and put stuff in the garbage. He's really into the Christmas movies lately....and it's not even November! His Grandma J would be soo proud.

Xander has just finished teething....again! He popped out 4 new teeth. So he's doing much better in the annoying whinning department. Although he is now into the "curious" stage...where he wants to get into everything! Loving it! We are currently working on getting rid of the thumb sucking, and he seems to be doing good with it. I told him that sucking the thumb is only for bedtime so he actually does make a concious effort to not do's really hard for him and I have to remind him quite frequently but I know he'll get it soon. I'm going to be attempting the potty training with him after Halloween...I just can't handle his poopies anymore!

Also, we have officially decided where we are going to end up after David's grad. David got a job offer in Edson, Alberta Canada so we are heading back to the great white north eh! It's a great deal. We are pretty excited to be near family again but are very sad to be leaving the states and all of our amazing friends down here! We will be moving December 18th, right after David's grad....that is assuming everything goes as planned.

So there you have it, the Johnston update! Sorry there are no photos...blogspot is not letting me upload pics for some reason? As soon as it's fixed though I'll put some on, I promise! Thanks for stopping by and make sure to drop us a line!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chrystal Needs....

So I took on the Challenge that Tiff and Amy did and these are a few of the things that popped up (by the way Google didn't recognize "Chrystal" so I actually had to put in "Crystal"...just to clarify). What you do is go to google and type in your name and then needs (example "Crystal needs"). Pretty funny stuff.

1.Crystal needs a LOT of love. She just isn't getting it at home and it is unlikely she ever will. (By the way....not true! Getting plenty of love...if you couldn't tell by the 3 kids we've had in the past 2 1/2 years!! )

2.Crystal needs concrete directions, often repeatedly. (WHATEVER....ok, maybe sometimes)

3.Crystal needs some sunshine. (sounds good to me! How about Hawaii!)

4.Crystal needs a job. (That's why we are here in I don't have to get Another job....already employed full-time by Aidan, Xander and Hailee....and might I ad they are the cutest employers I've ever worked for!)

5.Crystal needs to sit in a super-saturated solution to continue growing - hmmm would my hot tub qualify? and which way would I be growing? (Don't quite understand this one but whatever!)

6.Crystal needs your donations! (YES I DO! I like this one!)

7.Crystal needs improvement. (Not according to David...hee hee!)

Well there you have it. You better all do this too. Just for fun.

Monday, October 1, 2007

} My new hobby

My first big bow I made...not my favorite but still cute!
This one is my FAVORITE!!! Just plain white but goes with everything!
Close up of my favorite white bow!
The very first bow I made....a little pink one.

This one I actually made to match an outfit when Hailee is 12 months it's suppose to be super big!

I actually made this one Saturday night to match her Sunday outfit! See....OBSESSED!

Pretty purple.....another one of my favs!
Ok...this one's pretty big! Just experimenting I guess.
Another one of my favs!
This one I also made to specifically match a Sunday outfit. Love it!!!

Ok, so I just recently started making bows for my pretty Hailee, thanks to Emali Mollenhauer! Thanks for teaching me Emali! Now I'm completely obsessed with bows and making a bow to match every outfit in Hailee's closet! Can you blame me....she looks adorable! So I thought I'd share the bows I've made so far and of course Hailee was my model.