Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One down....two to go!

Yippie! Aidan is finally potty trained! We, well actually I, decided it was time and this last weekend we took the plunge to the unknown world of potty training and won! It was a tough weekend but we all came out alive. The first day he had a whopping 8 accidents (saturday), the second day (sunday) he had 2, yesterday he had 1 and today none so far and he woke up this morning with a dry diaper (yep he's still in a diaper at night, for now anyways....we aren't THAT brave!). He still has a bit of an issue with pooping on the toilet but he did do it once, yesterday. It's soo nice to have only 2 diapers to change now. I know some of you are thinking "TWO, that's still awful!" but believe me it's better than THREE! And the great thing about all of this is that Xander is really interested in the toilet now and wants to sit on it everytime Aidan does. Monkey see monkey do right! So he's next....not for a bit though. I need to recover and get more energy to do this all over again. But I just wanted everyone to know how proud I am of my little man in his big boy underpants! And if any of you are interested in the book I purchased online to utilize the same methods just let me know because it worked for me! Good luck to anyone who is about to embark on this similar adventure....it's hard work but worth it in the end!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A cool treat!

We recently introduced the boys to otter-pops (aka freezies for us Canadian folk) and now it's their favorite treat! Which is nice because they are great for hot days, not to mention cheap!

Hailee...you're getting so big!

So I decided to pull out the exersaucer yesterday, to see if Hailee could handle it already and yep she could. She loved it! and so did the boys. I can't believe she is already supporting herself so well, rolling and jumping in the jolly jumper! She just wants to grow up so fast and I want her to slow down.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Summer Hair cuts!

Here are the boys modeling their new summer do's! We decided to buzz their heads last night because they have been having sweaty heads every night....yes they actually had enough hair before to cause them to have sweaty heads. Now they look bald again, so it really does look like I have three babies! ;)

Monday, July 16, 2007

More pics of our Trip

Look at those muscles. hee hee. All of us cooling off at the creek.
Just cooling off at the creek. It was 100 degrees that day!
It looks like we have another thumb sucker! GREAT!
Xander that's for shooting not drinking!
The boys at the Legislative building pools in Edmonton.
Xander and cousin Christopher.

Aidan splashing around.
AWWWWW! Papa Johnston getting some cuddles in with Hailee.
Quading fun! The boys loved to ride papa's quads.
The whole family at Athabasca Falls in Jasper.
Grandma Johnston, Papa Johnston, Xander and Aidan at Athabasca Falls

All the cousins, Dwayne, me, Julie, Dallas and Kenny
The four cousins, me, julie, dallas and jannel
The happy bride and groom, Jessica and Kenny
Four generations. Me, Hailee, Grandma J and my mom.

Proud daddy with the offspring!

Love this pic of Aidan! What a stud!
Cutie! Phoebe
My new sister-in-law Jessica and Madison!
Gage and Hailee! Cute kids!

Dad, Ken (the groom to be) and Mom

David and Aidan riding a horse. YEEE HAW!
Cousin Julie, her son Gage and Hailee
Papa Albiston and Xander
Papa Albiston and Xander sharing thumbs!

Phoebe and Aidan
Here are some more pictures of our Trip to Canada....and they are in no particular order. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

We're Back!

Hello All! Sorry about the serious Blog neglect, but we've been busy traveling and getting our lives back into order since we've been home. For those of you that didn't know this, we went up to Canada for 2 1/2 weeks for David's break. We did a ton of fun things and saw almost everyone. We first stopped at Leisy's (thanks again Abby and Ryan for letting us stay with ya twice), that's what the pics above are from. Stinking cute kids EH! (that one is for you guys ;) ). We had a blast and the boys played soo good together. We miss you guys down here in little Tuxedo park. Then we went to my parents and stayed for 5 days. My little bro Kenny got married June 23 and that was fun! Congrats again you guys. So I now have a beautiful sister-in-law which I'm totally excited about. Welcome to the family Jessica! We also had a little family reunion at my parents house and were able to see a lot of long lost relatives hee hee! It was good to see you all. Then it was up to the great north to visit David's family for a week. That was great. The boys followed PaPa J. around and we were able to have fun and get a lot of work done on my inlaws house. It's looking good! We were able to play around on the quads quite a bit too, the boys LOVED that. Then it was off to the Schades residence. It was great to catch up with everyone, do some swimming and just to hang out. On our way down we stayed with my parents again (tubbed down the river and got a good sunburn!) and again with the Leisys. Thank you again and again to everyone for letting us bunk at your homes and visit with ya. We loved seeing all of you and miss you all very much already. I'll post more pics later of our great adventure. So keep looking and I'll try to do better with posting blogs. Thanks again and Love you all! Oh, and David is now in the Clinic! YIPPIE!!! He already got one visit (thanks Mandy!!) The rest of you better come in to see him!! hee hee