Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here's to a great 2008 and an even better 2009!

Hailee in her Christmas outfit from G. & G. Albiston.

Kaleb's first Christmas!

What cuties!

My mover and groover!

The Christmas stockings... G. Johnston made these for everyone, it's tradition that everyone gets a homemade stocking from Grandma....David has had his since he was a pee wee! ;)

" Who's got me? Is that Santa over there? Where am I?" A usual look for Kaleb.

Aidan with Santa. He was pretty excited to see Santa walk into the gym!

Xander was so excited he was the first to jump onto Santa's lap.

We signed up to make mashed potato's for our branch Christmas party and the potato's were donated by a member and they were HUGE!! As big as Kaleb's head as you can see!

Had to throw in some bathtime pics! My little angel!

Xandee man! (he can't say his "r" sound so everything that has "r" in it sounds like "e" or "w")

My little helper. He does this everytime Kaleb gets a bath, he holds and I wash.

Little stud (mini David).

Here's just a quick update. We had Christmas at home and enjoyed it. The kids were happy to see all the gifts under the tree, especially the ones from santa. We got to spend some time with David's family for a few days and we also just celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary, and what a wonderful 6 years it has been! I was spoiled on our anniversary. My husband surprised me with a Wii and Wii Fit. I was impressed that he was even able to find one let alone keep it a surprise from me. The kids are all healthy and happy and are enjoying the ample amount of snow we have, especially Aidan. They definately didn't get that from me...I don't enjoy the cold much. Aidan got a Leap frog game system and a Thomas game and has just figured out how to use it so now I hardly see him during the day. He's growing up way too fast. He also starts playschool on Jan. 6 and is pretty excited about it. Xander is quite the little artist and loves to draw perfect circles (which are also faces, trees and anything else really). Hailee is finally enjoying having GIRL toys in the house. She got a stroller from Aunty Dallas and loves to push it (along with her 4 dolls) all around the house. Kaleb is a rolling machine. I turn around and he is already done a full 180! I'm sure he'll be crawling in no time, especially since he is already pulling his knees up underneath himself. He also LOVES solid food, our best eater yet and that's saying a lot considering he has Miss Hailee to out do!
We have had a great year and a wonderful Christmas and hope that the New Year will bring us a lot more exciting and fun moments together as a family! Thanks to all of you that sent us Christmas wishes, we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well and an even better New Year.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Tis getting close to the season....

Aidan just loves Kaleb....and Kaleb loves him too!
Kaleb enjoying playtime....he is this smiley most of the time.

Mug shot! hee hee LOVE it!

They saw the snow and wanted to get their warm clothes on right they are trying on their toques (beanies for you yankees) to make sure they fit. What a cute bunch of kids!!
So the weather is starting to turn a bit down here. It will snow a bit and then melt, so it's more like a threat/warning that winter is definately almost here. My kids love the snow! So of course the first day it snows they want to get on their snow clothes and play outside. That resulted in them coming in soaking wet cause there really wasn't enough snow to stay on the ground and play in, it was more like playing in the water. :) That's good that they like the snow though...we do live in Canada! Geesh! I'm not sure if I enjoy it yet. I'm still use to Portland winters and all the rain.
Also I love that this year the boys are totally aware what Chirstmas is! The Christmas flyers have started to come in the mail and I have caught Aidan looking through them frequently and the whole time saying "look mom...CHRISTMAS!!". It's soo cute. They've even been asking when we will be putting our tree up. I'm not quite ready to put that up yet. But the only movies they've been wanting to watch are Christmas ones. They are definately Johnston's! The Johnston's LOVE Christmas...their favorite time of the year!
I really just wanted to post some updated pictures as requested by my here you go mom. I hope everyone is doing well and thanks for stopping by. :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween and Birthday fun!

ROAR!!! The birthday boy in his lion costume ready to get some candy!
What can I say, the cutest frog in the world!

My adorable little zebra! hee hee

My cute nieces, aka the cat and the monkey.

The birthday gang!
This Halloween was a fun one. Aidan turned 4 on the 29th, which happened to be a Wednesday, so we opted on waiting to have his party on the weekend, which also happened to be Halloween. So we threw Aidan a Halloween themed party. It was fun! We played Halloween Bingo and the kids each got a spider candy bracelet when they got a black-out. Then we had a Caramel apple walk (instead of a cake-walk) and then the food. Instead of a birthday cake (since we had one on his actual birthday) I made cupcakes that looked like worms in dirt. The kids loved them. Then after all the eating and present opening we got the kids dressed up and went trick-or-treating! It was a fun time had by all. Happy Birthday to my sweet little man and Happy belated Halloween to all of you!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Autumn time!

Aunty Dallas taking the kids for a trike ride
The three helmet heads:) So cute!
Kaleb smiling and laughing at daddy
What a little stud! My mister dimples! Yep I officially have the cutest kids alive!
Hailee getting buried in the leaves
Kaleb joining in on the FHE autumn fun!

The three amigos in the gigantic pile David raked up!

WEEEEEE! Love this pic!

My other little stud!

...and my other little stud. Geesh I've got a lot of cute kids!

I know this is picture overload but I can't help but share...that and it's been a while since I've posted something on here. So we've been busy the last little while...what's new right! This last weekend David headed to Calgary to a A.R.T. seminar for 4 days and I had made arrangements to go and stay with my awesome sista! So the kids and I hung out at her place while David was at his course and we had a great time! I'm glad that I made those arrangements with her, especially since the murder that just recently happened here in our "safe" little town of Edson. For those of you who don't know a 14 year old girl was attacked and beaten to death on the hiking trail here in Edson a few weeks ago, and the suspect has still not been caught. So things were a little tense around here for a while. I still won't let my kids out of my sight when we are out and about. And I definatley won't be going on that trail again!

When we got home we had a fun FHE activity, playing in the leaves. The kids loved it! Kaleb is also now smiling and laughing and talking up a storm. It's soo cute. Since he's a tummy baby, loves being on his stomach, he is lifting his head up and the other day he accidently roled over and he keeps doing it any time I put him on his tummy. The kids think it's pretty fun and giggle whenever he does it. Hailee is turning into quite the little mommy. She is always wanting to take care of Kaleb and loves to help me with any chores! It's so bad that when there is nothing to do she'll make a mess just to clean up! What a crazy kid!...or she'll just make a mess. hee hee. Gotta love kids!

Friday, September 19, 2008

busy busy busy

Hello fellow bloggers. Wow it has been a busy busy month! We have moved to our new place (David's parents old house) and have been busy busy painting. We have finished painting the livingroom, Hailee's room and Kaleb's room. It's a lot of work but we love it! We also painted an old dresser that use to be my mother-in-laws for Hailee and it looks brand new and super cute! We still have quite a bit more we want to do but will have to do it in spurts (as we get them time). We love it here though, a lot more space and finally Kaleb is sleeping in his own room which means we get more sleep. Last night he only woke up once to eat. We got him to bed by 10pm and he didn't wake up until 5am! What a good baby! I haven't taken pics of any of our "renos" yet. I want to wait until everything is decorated nicely and then I'll share, which probably won't be for a while. One thing at a time. For now I wanted to share some pics that my OOOHH so TALENTED sister took of Kaleb and one really cute pic of Hailee and her cousin Gage. I have stinkin cute kids!! :)

So there you have it folks! A quick little update. We are all doing great and staying busy. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to drop us a line to say hi. We miss you all!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

A little update

Hey y'all. Sorry about the lack of posts the last month but we've been BUSY (that's an understatement). David has been busy working pretty much full-time (including saturdays) and seeing tons of patients (tons meaning more than we expected for the first month!), so that's exciting! On top of him working and doing great we have been moving to a new home. Our lease ends the end of this month and we decided to move into David's parents old home to rent it for a while and then go from there. So the last few weeks we've been moving all of our stuff over in spurts. Today is the last day we'll be moving the rest of our stuff and then the fun part of Cleaning! And what have we done with the kids the whole time we've been doing this....they have been running around our feet causing more chaos! It's been fun that's all I have to say about that. I'm just glad I've been able to help this time. It seemed like every time we moved I was pregnant! hee hee ANyhoo, we are settling in and as soon as we get things more organized we'll post some more pics. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 4, 2008

A pretty good week!

Much needed nap time with daddy...or should we say Dr. Johnston!
Love you baby Kaleb!
Hailee being my little helper...she's wiping off some spit-up. What a little mama!
Mister dimples! LOVE IT!!!
Dressed in his sunday best!My little angel!
So this last week has been an eventful one for sure. To start off David is now a licenced DC!! Yep folks, he's practicing now. He had his first full day as a Chiropractor this last Friday (August 1st) and saw a whopping 17 patients!! Lets just say he came home tired and with a permagrin a mile long! I'm soo proud of him.
This was also Kaleb's first week at home and he is doing great! The first few nights were not so fun, days and nights mixed up. But he is doing great now, sleeping 3 to 4 hours at a time! The kids are loving having a new baby brother. Every morning they come running into our room looking for "baby Kaleb". Aidan is constantly asking to hold him and Xander and Hailee are always giving him kisses. He's already back to his birth weight and then some. So he loves to eat! I even had my first day all by myself with all four kids and it actually wasn't too bad. I prepared for the worst and got the best! The kids were really good. I hope they continue on this good streak.
As for me, I got a new look. After having a baby I like to go out and get a hair cut to make me feel rejuvinated and pretty. So I got it cut short! And I love it. I also decided I needed a change with the color and bought a dark dark color....well lets just say it's dark now! Actually pretty much BLACK!! OOPS!! It was pretty weird at first but I'm getting use to it. You can kinda see it in the pic with me and Kaleb....I'll be sure to get some and post them sometime in the near future. Anyhoo, we are all alive and kicking and loving our new baby boy! Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Introducing Kaleb Alvin Johnston

Look at that cute, chubby, round face! hee hee
Proud big brothers!
Hailee not to sure about Kaleb??
The cute outfit my sista bought for Kaleb...the hat is a bit big hee hee! And look at that Dimple!! LOVE IT!!
Ready to go home after a quick stay at the hospital (we took him home before he was even a day old!) :)

Well here he is.... the newest member of the Johnston family, Kaleb Alvin Johnston. Stats: Born July 24th at 6:25pm, Weight: 7lbs 15.5 oz, Height: just under 20". It was a hard delivery (came out looking to the side...OUCH!!) but every second was worth it! Now we have a healthy baby boy. The kids absolutely love him! He's constantly bombarded with kisses. Aidan is such an amazing big brother, always wanting to hold him. He's actually holding him now as I type this. He gets mad when we take him away. So CUTE!! Kaleb is happiest when he can hear the kids. His first night, last night, was a hard one because he's use to soo much noise and it was just too quiet for him, so he was up pretty much all night. We'll fix that soon enough! We are loving having him here and just wanted you all to meet him! Thanks for stopping by!