Friday, August 31, 2007

Splash time fun with the Tuxedo Kids!

All the kiddos from Tuxedo (minus Kaylee and her new baby sister McKenna...Congrats by the way!) Left to Right: Aidan, Xander, Taylor, Rilee Bottom: Abigail and Jackson

"A eaaaf!"
Taylor giving Hailee some love'n
Aidan, Xander, Taylor and Rilee.....Watch out for this bunch!

Another fun day outside on the Tuxedo Park patch of grass. Every once in a while when it's soo hot that we can't stand to stay in our little townhomes we all gather on the patch of grass and let the kids splash around in Mandy's plastic pool. It's always a fun time and I'm sure we won't have too many of these days left pretty soon, so we'll enjoy them while they last.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fun at the ZOO!

Hailee just hanging out as usual, not knowing what's going on!
Hee hee! There you go Mandy, I couldn't help myself! I had to post this pic of Rilee. Cutie!
A sheep says "BAAAAA".
Looking at the hippo!

Look mom, a zebra! Neigh!
My little poser!
Today we went to the zoo with Mandy and her kids, Tiffany and her kids and Heather and her kids. I'm always a little intimedated to go out on my own with three kids, but man were they good today! Only one scare (Aidan bolted on me once and it took me a few minutes to find him....little turd scared me half to death!) Fun times were had by all and of course the kids and I and Tiff and her kids all rode the train to finish things off. It isn't a trip to the zoo unless you ride the train, at least that's what Aidan thinks!

Big Boy Toys!

Of course Hailee was there, and she's so cute I had to throw in a pic of her too!
Aidan in the big rig!
Aidan (way in the back corner), Xander, Rilee, Taylor, Becka and Christopher.
Aidan driving the big digger!
Aidan driving the big digger and honking the horn!

Yesterday the kids and I went to this big trucks thing that Fairview had going on (thanks Tiffany for telling us about it!). The boys loved it! They had every big truck you could think about there. And the best part is they let you climb all over in them, which the boys absolutely loved! They also came home with a bag full of goodies (pencils, stickers....stuff like that) and a firemans hat (you can tell Aidan likes his!). Oh boys and their toys!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

"I did it!"

YAHH! We put underpants on Aidan last night to sleep in for the first time and he woke up dry! YIPPIE!! Thanks for the tip Amy about making him go pee before we go to bed. I'm so proud of you Aidan. No more diapers anymore! "I'm a big boy now!"

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kiddo Update...Look what we can do now!

A little update on the kiddo's for all of you family and friends we don't see often.
Aidan, is such a smart kid! He knows his alphabet, numbers 1 to 10 (sometimes I even hear him count to 15), all of his shapes and colors and body parts. He's potty trained (which I'm totally loving!) and he is such a good little helper. Whenever we go anywhere he knows to hold onto Xander's hand for me. He is really into the wrestling thing, and thank heavens Xander doesn't mind. He's also totally obsessed with trains and watching the "talking words factory" by leap frog! I wouldn't be surprised if he starts spelling words since he's watched it oh I don't know..... A MILLION times!
Xander is not a happy camper lately. He's teething and he is such a grouch when he doesn't feel good, and can ya blame him. He's into this "I'm gonna scream until I get my own way" phase....aka the terrible twos! So he's been a bit of a handful lately. He is, however, already catching onto the potty thing and pees on the toilet every night and has even gone #2 a few times on the toilet too! So I'm sure he'll be trained when is two. He's even talking alot too and tries to count. He is my little cuddler though, and is always willing to give me lots of hugs. He loves to dance and sing and is obsessed with "little einsteins" (freaks out like a teenage girl when it comes on in the mornings) and anything that Aidan is playing with. I guess it's a good thing that he looks up to his big brother right?
And Hailee, my little angel! I'm serious...she should win the "Most perfect baby" award, if it existed! Most of the time I forget she's even there! She is always smiling and happy. She only cries when she's hurt/in pain, hungry or really messy (diaper). She is a rolling machine lately, and I've even seen her trying to pull her knees up under her. She's also been drooling a lot, so I imagine some teeth are moving in. She's growing up WAY to fast. She loves playing with toys now and will spend hours in her exersaucer or jolly jumper, I guess anything that holds her vertical. I'm totally in love with her piercing blue eyes and I just hope they actually stay that color.
So I think that about does it. David and I are doing great too! David is getting lots of visits in the clinic and a few offers for jobs already...just gotta decide what is best for our family. We'll let you all know when we know for sure (maybe by the end of next month???)!

Oh my boys....

Classic Xander pose, thumb in mouth, finger up nose and hanging onto his ear!
My biggest baby! hee hee

Can I say I have the cutest/funniest kids ever! They have such funny quirks. The other day Aidan asked me to wrap him up like "baby ailee" (and that wasn't a type-o, he really does call her that because he can't pronounce the "H"). I wrapped him so tight he couldn't move. We all got a good little giggle out of it. Also, Davids sister Shauna, her husband Duane, their two kids Emily and Christopher and David's mom Claudia were all visiting us last week. They got a kick out of Xander and his "double plug" (one up the nose and the other in the mouth). They even got to see the quad plug. Oh yes, double thumbs and double the picking baby! hee hee. We still have yet to catch that on film. We were lucky enough to get the above pic! It was fun to have them here, but it's nice to have my home back to myself too. Having 5 extra people in our little townhome can't get pretty tight. Sorry about the blog neglect. I've been slacking on a lot of things, including taking pictures of my kids. I will leave the camera out so I can snap more shots to share with you all.