Thursday, June 25, 2009


Last week we decided to head to the park for some fun and a picnic with Hailee's bestest friend Elizabeth. While there the kids all gathered around by an old building, to get some shade, that use to be a swimming pool change building, but is now an artistic feat of graffiti (sp?). Graffiti wall + cute kids = fun pics!
This was the only one I got of Kaleb even looking up and he doesn't look too impressed. It's more of a "what do you want mom! Can't you see I'm busy watching an ant! GEESH!". Cute kid!
My other two studs! Good genes running through these kids I tell ya!

I love Xander in this pic..the kid cracks me up! No idea what he is laughing at.. maybe me??

Hailee and her bestest buddy!

My sister is coming up in a few weeks to take some much needed, updated family pictures and I think we may have to stop by here to use this building as a backdrop. She will do WAY better utilizing it. So excited!! I'll brag more about my sista in my next blog entry. She's got skills and you've gotta see them!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back from the Bahamas

We are home safe and sound and had a FABULOUS time. It was everything and more than we expected. We stayed at a resort called the Wyndham and we had originally purchased your most basic room with an island view. We ended up flying over night and got into Nassau 3 hours before check in time, but they let us check in early. Then the lady found out we were parents of 4 small children she upgraded us to a SUITE and not only that, one with an ocean view...on the TOP Floor!!! We didn't realize what she had done for us until we got up there. These are the pictures of our views.

After changing quickly into our swim wear we ran down to the lobby, thanked that super nice lady and headed to the beach, snapped these next few pics and then back up to our room to sleep for 7 hours (I poopers but we were exhausted!)

We ended up waking up at 9:30pm ish and going down for dinner, walking on the beach and then back to bed. The next day we spent most of the morning on the beach. I snorkled for the first time, we saw a Baracuda (freaked me OUT!) and found this starfish.
MMMMmmmm...look at my hot hubby! :)
After a wonderful morning we got ready for our dinner at Luciana's of Chicago downtown Nassau. We took a Jitney (what they call a bus) and that was an experience in itself. We got on and the bus was full and they pulled over to pick some more people up and we were thinking where are they going to sit? Well they pop down some seats and soon the isle is gone! It was pretty cool. Before dinner we stopped at the straw market (similar to our farmers markets) and got a few souvenirs for family. That was crazy! Tons of locals trying to sell their stuff in a very tight place with lots of other tourists too. Dinner was great, then we grabbed a taxi back to the hotel. Did I mention that everyone drives on the left side of the road and they are CRAZY drivers too! Pretty fun stuff!
Wednesday we had a snorkel/lunch cruise booked on a catamaran. They took us on a short tour as we passed Paradise Island, they pointed out famous peoples homes like Oprah, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan to name a few. Then we got out to this reef in the middle of nowhere and snorkeled for about 45 minutes. It was amazing! I've never seen colors like that in my life, the coral was a beautiful aray of different tropical colors and the fish...there were TONS! Then they took us over to this private island and those who paid more $$ got to do some water sports while the rest of us swam and sun tanned. This is a pic of one of the 700 islands in the Bahamas that just so happened to be across from the beach we were on.
Beautiful white sandy beachs and clear turquoise waters...PARADISE!!!

On the catamaran on the way to the snorkeling destination...sorry pics are a little out of order here for some reason??
On the private beach after snorkeling...there is the catamaran behind my hottie husband :)
So that was pretty much our entire Wednesday. Thursday was a beach day. Just chilled, swam and chilled some more. We were told and heard about the famous "Fish Fry" on Awrak Cay (close to the harbour between Paradise Island and Nassau) so we went on down to try out the world famous Bahamian specialty...Conch (pronounced Conck). There were about a 7 or 8 little restaurants but our cab driver told us the best one was Goldies. So that was were we went. I don't eat seafood but I tried some of Davids cracked conch and it was really good, rubbery in texture but the taste was good. David thought it was awesome, so take his word because he's the seafood lover.

The cracked conch...we also tried the conch fritters a few days earlier, they look like deep fried chicken balls and they tasted good too.
On our way back we found a fruit stand and bought some fresh mangos and a local fruit called a Saprodilla (dilly for short), which look like an oversized kiwi but were suppose to taste like cotton candy. They were very mushy and they kind of tasted like cotton candy...interesting. The mango was delish!
That evening we ate at a restaurant at the hotel, Moso, which was an chinese restaurant and they gave us these ginormous serving I'm just messing around with them. :)
Friday, our last full day, so we spent it on the beach. On our way down to the chairs we nearly stepped on this little guy.
Can you see him??
June is their rainy season, so everyday there was one really good hard rainfall for about 20-40 minutes and then it would clear up and be super hot and muggy again. This is a pic of the massive rain/lightning storm that came in that afternoon. Makes the water look REALLY blue!
After the storm we decided to go parasailing. The most awesome thing we did by far. So we got on the boat with 10 other people, two other couples and a family of 6. One couple went first and then the family of 6. So by then an hour had passed. So the boat driver took those people back in and then it was our turn. They had some troubles getting the shute out and untangled, so after another half hour the driver felt really bad for making us and this other couple wait so long so after apologizing to us David made the remark, "don't worry you can make it up to us" (being sarcastic of course) and "I like to get wet". Now our driver dips everyone in the water before bringing them in the boat but he managed to DUNK David 3 times, and he loved it of course.
Where did David go??
Now it's my turn. We went up pretty high, a great view of the Islands.
Me way back there and that is our driver. He was a hoot!
When he would dip you he would call out "here sharky sharky".
Now after we were done he called a "water taxi" (aka a seadoo) to come get us. And no the boat did not stop...we jumped from our moving boat onto the moving seadoo. It was soo fun! I felt like I was in a James Bond movie or something. So we got a free seadoo ride out of it too.
Friday night we went on our last excursion, a dinner cruise on a triple deck catamaran. We cruised around the harbour, ate some amazing food and then had some entertainment. Here is a pic of the bridges from Paradise Island and Nassau.
Yah, we got some sun that day.
This is Atlantis, a huge hotel/resort on Paradise Island. If we ever go back we want to take our kids and stay here. They have a huge water park and an aquarium. Sweet!
Some of our enertainment. His name is Action and he IS the limbo king! This guy did things I didn't even know were possible!
Saturday morning we packed up, said goodbye to the Bahamas and flew home. We had a great time but were glad to come back and see our beautiful kiddos. Thanks again to David's parents and sisters for watching the boys and to Dash for watching my babies. We really appreciate it!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Going, going....almost ready to go!

Only two more sleeps before we head out to the sunny beaches of the Bahamas!! We couldn't be more excited. So while packing I noticed that we had some pics on our memory card so I thought I'd upload them and share a few before we head out.
Here is proof that Hailee does have hair, quite a bit now, just really fair and thin. I even got it into a pony tail a few weeks ago for church. She's definately turning into quite the little girl.
While visiting the in-laws Auntie Laurie managed to rock a very tired Kaleb to sleep. Doesn't he look so comfortable! They sure are cute when they sleep.

A wonderful surprise to come home to! We spent the May long in Edmonton with David's family and when we got home it was starting to snow. Well, the next morning we woke up to this!! Crapy Canadian weather! It was all melted within a couple of days, but still annoying.
We took this after Kaleb had some spaghetti. I should have taken before pics. Man was he covered from head to toe. That's why we just threw him in the sink for a quick rinse down. He loved it!
Our kids have been sick the past week, get it all before we leave I guess, and Aidan ended up missing his last day of preschool. He was sooo sad! But we stopped by a few days later to say goodbye to his teachers and they had a few things for him, including this t-shirt that he got to decorate with fabric paints. He did such a good job drawing shapes, writing his name and writing the entire alphabet (only needing my help for G, K and S - which he just drew backwards). He's sooo smart and excited for Kindergarten in the fall.
Since the kids all saw Aidan decorating his shirt we had to have craft time. These next pics are of the kids letting their creative juices flow! (Love Hailee's pig tails in this pic!)

Yes, those are duck know you want some too! We have shark ones too.

Kaleb enjoying watching the fun with assistant supervisor/drooler. So cute!!
Well, the next post will be of our wonderful trip to the Bahamas so please make sure to check in in a week or two!