Friday, November 14, 2008

Tis getting close to the season....

Aidan just loves Kaleb....and Kaleb loves him too!
Kaleb enjoying playtime....he is this smiley most of the time.

Mug shot! hee hee LOVE it!

They saw the snow and wanted to get their warm clothes on right they are trying on their toques (beanies for you yankees) to make sure they fit. What a cute bunch of kids!!
So the weather is starting to turn a bit down here. It will snow a bit and then melt, so it's more like a threat/warning that winter is definately almost here. My kids love the snow! So of course the first day it snows they want to get on their snow clothes and play outside. That resulted in them coming in soaking wet cause there really wasn't enough snow to stay on the ground and play in, it was more like playing in the water. :) That's good that they like the snow though...we do live in Canada! Geesh! I'm not sure if I enjoy it yet. I'm still use to Portland winters and all the rain.
Also I love that this year the boys are totally aware what Chirstmas is! The Christmas flyers have started to come in the mail and I have caught Aidan looking through them frequently and the whole time saying "look mom...CHRISTMAS!!". It's soo cute. They've even been asking when we will be putting our tree up. I'm not quite ready to put that up yet. But the only movies they've been wanting to watch are Christmas ones. They are definately Johnston's! The Johnston's LOVE Christmas...their favorite time of the year!
I really just wanted to post some updated pictures as requested by my here you go mom. I hope everyone is doing well and thanks for stopping by. :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween and Birthday fun!

ROAR!!! The birthday boy in his lion costume ready to get some candy!
What can I say, the cutest frog in the world!

My adorable little zebra! hee hee

My cute nieces, aka the cat and the monkey.

The birthday gang!
This Halloween was a fun one. Aidan turned 4 on the 29th, which happened to be a Wednesday, so we opted on waiting to have his party on the weekend, which also happened to be Halloween. So we threw Aidan a Halloween themed party. It was fun! We played Halloween Bingo and the kids each got a spider candy bracelet when they got a black-out. Then we had a Caramel apple walk (instead of a cake-walk) and then the food. Instead of a birthday cake (since we had one on his actual birthday) I made cupcakes that looked like worms in dirt. The kids loved them. Then after all the eating and present opening we got the kids dressed up and went trick-or-treating! It was a fun time had by all. Happy Birthday to my sweet little man and Happy belated Halloween to all of you!