Thursday, March 14, 2013

Downstairs bathroom redo

Here is just another quick post to keep me committed to this blog.  When we first bought our house one of the first rooms we renovated was our downstairs bathroom.  Luckily my in-laws, who were the previous home owners, replaced the shower, sink and toilet, saving us big bucks!  But alas the sink cabinets were a bit dated and the walls needed a bit of change in color.  So to stay in budget (which at this point was a very small budget) we decided to just paint the cabinets and replace the hardware.

I of course forgot to take a true before pic.  So here is my "oops I forgot and the cabinet doors are already off and it's sanded" pics.  I think you get the idea.  

Here are my boys hard at work on the cabinet doors.

See, just a bit dated.

We chose the paint color Black bean soup.  In this picture it looks really brown, but it is much darker in person, more a black brown.  Much better!

Next were the walls.  Before they were a yellowish tint.  We decided to go with a subtle grey tone, since this bathroom is so small darker colors would have made it seem smaller.

And finally the finished product!  So just a couple cans of paint, new hardware and wala!  A new bathroom.

Next, the rest of the house :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

An Update on the Johnston Clan

So I figure since I haven't been on this blog for a while I need a an update on our family. So from oldest to youngest:

He has been busy!  He decided to take up doing triathlons a few years ago and hasn't stopped, competing in sprint, olympic, half Ironman and Ironman distance events.  He completed his first Ironman last year in Penticton, BC.  He has also been busy at work and in his church callings.  Last year he was called to be the Branch President in our little branch here. 


I did go back to work a few years ago, working in the hospital as a PTA primarily dealing with the seniors in the Long Term Care facility as well as patients within the hospital, but I decided to quit to be able to raise my 2 kids (now one) who were still at home the way I wanted them to be raised.  I love being a SAHM now, especially with one kid at home most of the days.  We get to do a lot of fun things together, plus I have a lot of time to work on renovations around the house and fun projects I find on Pinterest (yep, I am a Pinterest junkie!).  I also ran my first 5km last year and am hoping to do another 2 this year and eventually do a triathlon (maybe, someday).  Its nice to have my husband as such an amazing example and motivation to me.


Aidan turned 8 last October and chose to be baptized!  He is now in grade 3 and is such a good example to his younger brothers and sister.  He also got to start going to cubs and absolutely loves it!  He is growing up way to fast. 


Xander just turned 7 in January and is growing up WAY to fast.  He is so incredibly smart and loves to question everything, especially everything I ask him to do :).  He is now in grade 2 and loves to be the class clown, always making people laugh.  He loves to talk and tell stories and jokes, ALL the time, sometimes even in his sleep.  We can't watch a movie with him without his commentary.  He tried soccer for the first time last year and loved it.  We will see if he pursues it again this year.


My little princess!  Without this little girl there would be no pink in my life.  Hailee started Kindergarten this year and LOVES it!  She is reading really simple books now and is loving homework (that will change!).  She is also a little fish and loves swimming.  She is really excited for her birthday in April when she will ..."finally be 6".  


My little ball of energy, my baby, my little stud!  I just love this kid to pieces!  We have been able to get to know each other a lot this past year, seeing that he is the only one left at home.  He is sooo full of love, hugging me every chance he can get (while I'm cooking, getting ready for the day, sleeping... you name it!).  He goes to playschool twice a week, and I'm sure he would go every day if he had a chance he loves it so much.  He really loves to do puzzles and throw and smash things.  A boy through and through.  But when he harnesses his energy he can stay focused on something for hours!  

Well that is our family.  Looking back at photos from the last few years I can't believe how much my kids have grown.  Another reason, I guess, to keep this blog.  A record of memories and experiences to look back on in years to come.