Thursday, May 29, 2008

Coversation of the day....

Setting; in the kitchen, me making lunch and Aidan sitting at the counter watching me.

Aidan: "mom, you getting big!"

Me: "what?"

Aidan: "mommy big"

Me: "I'm big?"

Aidan: "yep, mommy big. Big tummy, big eyes, big mouth...hee hee"

Me: laughing

Need I say more! :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just some cute pics

My biker babes! hee hee
Cute little Hailee Bean!
Handsome dude!
Whoa...look out for the whale! Who took this picture and more importantly why am I posting it??
David with his new baby. You can kind see his swollen foot (it's the right one).
Xander the cutie pie with the fuzzy hair.

So yesterday and today have been so nice that all the kids wanna do is spend time outside in our backyard. So I just brought the camera out and started snapping away. I love having a backyard, all we need now is for it to be fenced in!
Now for a quick update on the kiddos!
Aidan - is loving soccer, is starting to talk back (loving it!) but is also sooo smart! He's using words more frequently now and will actually tell us what he wants instead of using his made up baby mumble jumble. So that is a relief! He knows all of his letters (almost all of the lowercase too now), counts to ten all the time, shapes and colors and he gets dressed all by himself now. I'm loving this independent stuff!
Xander - aka Mr. Sensitive has been just that! Especially lately. I'm sure he senses a change is coming with new baby and all. He's more interested in being potty trained than I energy. But it will be done before this baby arrives (done the 3 diaper thing before and never again!). He has recently learned how to climb to the top bunk and is quite proud of that. And he follows Aidan around everywhere. He is the best helper when it comes to any house work and is always up for a good cuddle!
Hailee - aka the Bean. Is a little mischeif maker! Into everything!! Definately keeps me on my toes. Can walk and run everywhere, loves to wrestle and annoy the boys, loves climbing on everything and has recently discovered how to open doors! Yes my friends she is a quick learner. She loves LOVES to dance and has great rythym. She finally has some teeth, but we are still watching out for that nice thick crop of hair to come....any day now?? And of course has me wrapped around her little finger. Oh, did I mention this girl can eat! Like mother like daughter. That's my girl! hee hee
Fetus - (no Mandy that is not what we are going to name it :D ) still growing, making me nice and plump and kicks constantly! I'm prediciting this one is going to come early...hopefully around my sista's birthday (by the way Dash that will be your birthday gift...hee hee ;) ) Loves poutine (for you yankees, poutine is fries with cheese and gravy on top YUM!) and chocolate and making me tired!
There you have it folks. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My little soccer player

Yes the shirt is a SUPER SIZE TO BIG!! Still stinkin cute!
LOVE IT! hee hee
The light blue team....aka the AWESOME team! hee hee
"can i play?"
Xander showing Aidan some skills with the ball.

So we decided that Aidan was old enough this year to join some sort of organized sports team...and soccer is the name of the game! I was unable to be there for his first game (due to a doctor appointment out of town) but was told that he did not to bad....kept running away but not bad considering a lot of other kids were just standing there bawling their little heads off or picking the ball up and running away with it. Since his first game I've been able to attend 2 more and it is hilarious! Worth the $60 just for the laughs you get! Aidan sure does love running though and prefers just to chase the ball around and when he finally catches up to it he'll usually stop and look around like "what do I do now?". Yesterday he had another game and he actually kicked the ball! YEAH!!! Xander really likes going to the games to and quite often is asked to join in the fun. It's so cute how much he looks up to his older brother. I guess it's official now....I'm a soccer mom! hee hee

Monday, May 26, 2008

Can you say blog neglect!

Well, what a slacker I've been! Yes we are still alive and kick'n. I've been doing not to good in the picture taking department. In fact we just dug the camera out last night and I actually had to blow dust off of it! YIKES!! So I'll make sure to take some pictures over the next few days to put on here because the kids sure have grown...especially Hailee.

So a little update to what has been going on in the Johnston residence. David is trucking along working at the clinic. His final Canadian board exam is in June, so only a few more weeks to go! Then we just have to wait for the results and to be certified here in Alberta and then he's good to go cracking!

Also, a few weeks ago David decided to go and play some basketball. So I decided to try and do some much needed scrapbooking. Well, I just got everything out and organized and here comes David walking back through the door. I'm all "that was a quick game!" and I look and he's limping. What did he do you say? Well he landed on someone elses foot and rolled his ankle. It was the size of a grapefruit! The next day we took him to the hospital to get xrays. He had a grade 3 sprain and small evulsion (excuse the spelling) fracture. Stinker! So we got him some crutches and some good drugs. Poor guy! So here he is with crutches limping around and to make things even better, just this last weekend he got the good old "snip" surgery done too. Yep more kids are coming out of us! So to ease his pain I got him an early father's day gift, a new charcoal/smoker bbq! It seemed to cheer him up.

So this last weekend wasn't to fun for me either. With David being out of commision (since he couldn't carry anything over 30lbs plus having a bad foot), a couple of the kids decide to get sick too. Aidan had some sort of flu and Hailee had a cold and was breaking another tooth! Lovely! So now I'm running around, big and prego I might add, taking care of my three sick and hurt loved ones. Plus I made the DUMB decision to try and potty train Xander this weekend to. He was doing awesome too but after doing 20+ trips up the two flights of stairs to the bathroom I had to call it quits. Now that this weekend is over and everyone else is feeling better I woke up with a sore throat, aching ears and could barely move! Urgh! I'm just glad everyone else is feeling better.

So there you have it folks. A little update of what's been going on here. I'll be sure to post some pics soon and be better at taking pictures, now that all the drama is over with for now...hopefully. That is until this baby pops out (only a few more months to go!).