Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Little update ~

Just a picture of one the cutest babies ALIVE!!! Mr. Dimples can now sit and almost crawl on his own!
All the grandkids on the Johnston side...what a good looking bunch of kids!Father and son cuddle time.

David's idea of having fun with the new truck!
SO this last month seemed to go on forever. Not a whole lot has happened that sticks out in my mind. The only new things have been that Kaleb is sitting on his own and is quite the mover! He doesn't really crawl, but if he wants to get somewhere he gets there. Usually by rolling or worm crawling or something.
The second new thing is that we bought a second vehicle. David finally got his truck. It's a cute little 4x4 s10 (I think a Chevy...I'm a woman and don't pay attention to those little details) and the fun part is that it's a stick! I love driving a manual....even though I rarely get to touch the thing let alone drive it. It's his baby. Well, we have gotten a lot of snow lately and my dear hubby got the bright idea to drive his truck into the snow bank beside our driveway. Well you obviously see the results of that. We had to call a friend to help tow him out. We did get a video of it and I"ll try to upload it. The fun things we do when we're bored...or the REAL reason...when "I'm tired of shoveling the snow and having to throw it up over this huge snow bank, so I'm going to knock it down with my truck." (quote by david). It actually did work, the snow bank is no more, easing my husbands hard work and labor problems. Good job sweetie! Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by!