Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Baby it's Cold Outside!!! BRRRR!!!

This one is for all of you people out there that are at a warmer climate than us. This morning we woke up to -42 Degree Celsius weather. That's right my friends, you spit and it freezes before it hits the ground weather! But do you think that would shut down anything....no way! We're Canadain's afterall, skin made of leather...and now I know why! We listened to the radio to see what was closed and pretty much everything was still open, only the playschool was closed for today and the buses weren't running (they probably couldn't start!). But kids were expected to still get to school and people are still expected to go to work. I can't even believe that our van actually started this morning for David! Yep, he even went to work. CRAZY!! I even heard them say on the radio, "if you do plan on going out today, make sure all exposed skin is covered. If you start to feel numbness or see white starting to form on skin those are signs of frostbite and please seek immediate medical attention." YIKES!!! Our front door was even frozen shut! Only in Canada baby. I'll be enjoying my warm pj's all day thankyou very much!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just thought you all should know....

So I'm sure a lot of you know this already, and if you don't well SURPRISE!! We are pregnant with baby #4. That's right folks, we are almost done! The news seemed to be spreading quick and I've been getting a lot of email asking whether or not we were expecting, so I thought I'd just get it all out in the open now. So now you all know! We found out actually before moving up here to Canada, american Thanksgiving weekend. I still haven't been to a doctor yet (waiting to get under Alberta Health Care) and I'm not entirely sure when I got pregnant so I'm not entirely sure when the due date is. My guess would be end of July?? So I'll have to update you all when i know for sure. There you have it...our big news. Have a nice day! :)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Finally an update!!

Pictures are courtesy of Laurie....we couldn't figure out how to download our pics onto David's parents computer....hey at least you get to see something right! :)

The loot!
The kids opening gifts (that includes the big kid in the middle :) )

At grama and papa's new house

Hello all family and friends. I know it has been a while since most of you have heard from us but we have obviously been busy with the move, then Christmas, going to visit G&G Albiston and then coming back to Edson. Needless to say we are all a little sick of the van. So we are safe and sound here in Edson at G&G Johnston's home. Thank you again Claudia and Alvin for letting us over take your house for a while. :)

We arrived in Edson late December 22nd. The next day was sunday and to my surprise I neglected to leave out some sunday clothes, so our first sunday here I was branded as the rebel wearing my good old jeans! David was a sweetheart and wore his jeans too, just so I wouldn't feel too out of place. At least our kids were in their cute sunday attire! :) Then we had to unload our stuff into the storage unit, go through some boxes to get the things we may need for the next month or so and then I had to dig out the presents to wrap. Christmas has never crept up on us as quick as it did this year! It was a great Christmas and we were happy to celebrate it with family. The kids were spoiled, of course, and are loving all of their new toys.

The 28th David and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary in style....on the road AGAIN. This time we were driving down to see my parents and have yet another wonderful Christmas with them. I think the kids really liked having two Christmas's...can ya blame them. We were certainly spoiled this year. We had a great visit with my parents and were even able to see Ken and Jessica and I got a surprise visit from one of my bestest friends Beth! We celebrated the new year in style too. We watched a movie with my parents and at 10pm called it a night and had our own little horra a little early. I know....big party poopers! We needed the sleep though, with all of the changes going on our kids have been lacking in the sleep department. Oh and Hailee has been teething so even our best little sleeper has been keeping us up every night!

On January 1st we headed back up north to Edmonton, had a wonderful dinner with David's parents and his sister Laurie and stayed the night there so we could check out David's parents new house that they are building (hence the last few pics). It's a pretty sweet house....lots of room for the grandkids to run around in.

Now we are back in Edson and trying to get life organized....lots of boring paperwork that I'll spare details about. We are loving it here so far and have already met a really nice couple that David went to school with and we will be having supper with them in the next week or so. David starts his internship tomorrow morning and is really excited about it. We may have also found a place to live too. So things are looking up for us. We are really grateful though that David's parents were sweet enough to let us live with them and we will be forever grateful for that! The kids love waking up and seeing papa and grama J. It's really cute!

Over all we are loving it here. It's pretty fun getting use to the Canadian way again. The cold weather is one thing (even though it's actually a pretty mild winter), we all got a nasty cold and are just getting over it. That and the fact that it doesn't get light out until 8am in the morning! That can screw a persons schedule up thats for sure!

So there it is...the update. We miss all of you back in the states and hope all is well with you. I will try to keep you all updated on things but I apologize in advance if the updates are not as frequent as they use to be. Once we REALLY get settled down in our own place I will be more diligent with the blog. Thanks for stopping by and if you want to stay in contact with us we check our email more frequently then we do this blog. Love ya all and miss ya all!