Sunday, February 8, 2009

} My awesome, cute kids!!

Sorry for the lack of blogging but that's how it goes in the life of a mom right?? Maybe just this moms' life anyways. So I have a lot of cute pictures and stories to share so please bare with me and enjoy the ride...

First off is my CAARRAAAZZY gal Bean! This girl cracks me up daily! We had spaghetti this particular night, as you can tell from the pasted on beard of tomato sauce, and she was hilarious!

She ate, and I'm not exagerating, 4 helpings, full helpings, of the stuff! And she couldn't get the fork to work fast enough for her so she opted to use her paws and SHOVELED the noodles in like they were going out of style! What made it even more hilarious was the "mmmmm" sound and the giggles she was making the entire time! Did I mention I love this girl! hee hee

Next is my handsome little helper, mister A! No these are not photoshoped pictures, these are actual pictures of my little man helping me vacuum! He actually ended up vacuuming the entire living room all by himself and did an EXCELLENT job. When I say excellent I mean I didn't go over it afterwards (because I'm kind of anal and usually do follow up with a spot clean). It was spotless. I love this little guy...or should I say big now! He's growing up way to fast.

On to Xandee Man (as he calls himself because he can't seem to get the "r" sound working). What can I say, this guy is just all around a sweetheart. He's my mister sensitive, always full of love but also very stubborn and knows what he wants and when and how he wants it. I guess picky would be the word for that unnecessarily long sentence.

Here are just a few pics of the boys modeling their new ties. They loved them and wore them around all day when they first got them. Aidan just wanted to wear the tie...literally as you can see. LOL.

And these last few were actually taken tonight. Kaleb, aka mister dimples, has been working on his crawling and sitting on his own skills. So for bathtime tonight we dug out the bath chair so he could actually "enjoy" and play in the bath. He LOVED it! They were all pretty squished but they all loved that Kaleb could join in the fun.

Isn't he the most adorable thing ever!!! I love this little guy soo much.

It's so rewarding being a mom. Yes it can be hard at times but moments like these make it all worth it!