Monday, April 7, 2008

One Year Older and Wiser too!

Here is the birthday girl on her actual birthday! What a big girl!

Cute photo op! The kids were all just chillin on the floor. What cuties!

Hailee the day of her birthday party, waiting for the yummy pizza and cake.

Aidan making his pizza, with grandma's help.

Chef Madde!

Chef Phoebe (my cute niece's!)

Xander slept through the pizza making part, but made sure to be there for the cupcake decorating. Smart kid!

Yummy cake....

....getting messier....

....hee hee. Love it!

Time to make some stuffables!

Hailee stuffing her kitty.

Xander stuffing moo moo the cow, with aunty Lauries help.

Madde and Phoebe stuffing their horse and pig.

Aidan with his monkey, grandma helping.

The finished product. Everyone full, happy and loving their new friends!

So Hailee turned the big numero UNO on April 2. I can't believe it's already been a year. My sister, her husband, their two girls and my mom came for the weekend so we decided to throw Hailee's birthday party when they were here. It was a "do it yourself" theme party. Everyone made their own pizza's, then we all decorated our own cupcakes and to top it off the kids got to stuff and name their own stuffed animal friend. The kids seemed to have a great time! David's parents and sister were there too to share in the festivities. Thank you all for coming and celebrating with us. We love ya!