Wednesday, April 8, 2009

True Happiness comes in small packages

My ode to Kaleb! I love this little man soo much. After having our daughter I thought we were done having kids, maybe because I had been pregnant or nursing for the 3 years previously! When I mentioned my thoughts to my husband, he calmly replied "no I think there is one more waiting to join us." My first reaction was not pleasant and it actually took some persuasion on David's behalf to finally convince me otherwise...and I'm sooo glad he did. I don't know what I would do without this little guy in my life! Everyone of my kids makes my life better in some why or another, this little guy just makes me smile! He is soo happy and carefree. I've never heard another baby giggle as much as he does. I am so blessed to have such amazing kids, a wonderful wise husband and many many more blessings than I can count. So take a gander at my adorable baby boy and you too will see why he makes me smile everyday!

Oh, and he is pulling himself to standing now....ya I'm busy!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Hailee!

Here she is....our adorable 2 year old! Today is her actual birthday but because David's day off is Wednesday we celebrated with a little party for Hailee yesterday and fun was had by all!

I asked Hailee what kind of party she wanted, her options were Dora, Butterfly or Princess. Guess which theme she chose...Princess! And that is what she is, our little princess!

Some of her cousins were here for the party and she invited her two best friends. When everyone was here we had them each make their own crowns with adhesive "jewels". They loved it...yes even the boys! From left to right: Miya, Elizabeth, Hailee, Aidan, Isaac, Zoe and Xander.

Princess Hailee!
King Xander and King Aidan

Mommy and her little princess and of course her cool shades she got for her birthday. She was quite spoiled and got some fun new toys to play with. Thank you to Hailee's friends and cousins for the wonderful gifts!

And my pride and joy....Hailee's princess cake! I was so excited when I found this idea on youtube that I just had to try it. I was quite nervous about it but I think it turned out pretty awesome! I think I took as many pictures of the cake as I did of Hailee! :)

Here is Hailee blowing out her candles. She loved the cake....and so did everyone else.

After all was said and done the kids all had a blast, I know because everyone of them told me and almost all of them had naps afterwards...we wore them out with all of the party fun! We love you Hailee and are so proud of the beautiful little girl you are growing up to be! And good job on doing so well with your potty training!