Sunday, December 16, 2007

Congrats Chiropractic Graduate!!!

Look what I've got!

This is David taking the Chiropractic oath....he the hot one behind the bearded man! lol

Future Chiro Graduate!

YEAH!!! HE DID IT!!! David Graduated yesterday, December 15th! I'm soooo proud of him. His parents were able to be here too, we are very grateful they could be here and I know they would never miss this momentous occasion. Thank you for coming Alvin and Claudia! He graduated with honors too (cum laude), soo we realllly proud of him! He has been so dedicated to his school, kids and me that I'm so impressed with all that he has accomplished. I opted to leave the kids home with a sitter so I could take a ton of pics and our camera ended up dying on me anyways! Thanks Jason for taking a butt load of pics for me. YOu are a life saver! It was a great program. I'm sure we will never forget this day! Congrats Dr. David! I love you very much!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Our little architects

Building away.....and of course testing the materials periodically :)
Hailee supervising the construction

The Happy Builders
The Finished product. Not bad for a couple of toddlers and a messy mom!!
Tonight for our FHE activity we built a gingerbread house and the boys did an amazing job I must say. They literally did all of the decorating, they did have a few hints here and there from us but everything else was done by them. There was a ton of candy and most of it was consumed during the process of putting this little get away together. The boys had a blast, so this will definately have to go on the tradition list for every year.