Saturday, September 22, 2007

Old McDonald had a Farm...

Xander feeding the cute baby goats!
Aidan feeding the goats
Our new friend Grace....what a doll!
Grace and her dad Lance feeding the goats.
Watch out big momma! This one looked like she was about to pop!

hee hee!
Hailee and her adorable smile!
The nut house
The nuts!

Look at those three silly kids!
Nice dress Aidan :) cream!
So our friends the Mollenhauers and us went to this farm by Canby (Fir Point Farm I think is what it was called??). They had a bunch of little baby goats, momma goats, chickens and rabbits there to feed. It looked as if they had a bunch of other fun activities to do too but they didn't have them open yet...not until October anyways....preparing for the Halloween festivities! But the kids had a blast anyways. And they also had a cute little market there with fresh produce and yes...ICE CREAM. So we finished our fun afternoon off with some yummy ice cream cones. You can tell Xander really enjoyed his :).

Thursday, September 20, 2007

~ Our little Scare ~

Ok, first of all I'd like to say that my prayers go out to those parents out there that have to deal with sick/hospitalized children on a daily basis. With that, here is what we went through yesterday. So our morning started out woke up early, ate breakfast and began their daily routine of playing, whinning etc. Then Aidan came up to me whimpering that his tummy hurt. I figured that he hadn't gone poop yet and that he just needed to go to the bathroom. He did, but only a little bit. Then he didn't bother me for a bit. Next thing I know he's crying and complaining his tummy hurts. I tried to console him but nothing seemed to settle him down. After about an hour of this I figured he still needed to go the bathroom and was maybe a little constipated (which is unlike him in the first place). So I sat him down but nothing came and the pain got worse and the next thing I know he's throwing up! Then his eyes start rolling back like he's going to pass out (all of this happening while he's sitting on the toilet). Instantly my red flag popped up and something told me "something is really wrong" so I called David (for the fourth time by now) and told him to get home NOW!! This time he didn't argue with me and tell me that I was just over-reacting (which I usually do...yes I'll admit it I'm one of those moms). So while I was trying to keep Aidan awake Jason popped by to take a look at him. Pretty soon David got home and we were off to the doctors. After the doctor examined him she told us "to me it looks like either a bowl obstruction or I'm going to call an ambulance and get him transported to the ER for further evaluation." Get this, her next line was "now I don't mean to alarm or scare you..." ummmm, a little to late for THAT!! Anytime you hear "appendicitis" and "ambulance" in the same sentence it's not very reassuring that your kid is going to be ok! So they did some more lab work, Aidan threw up two more times and I happened to catch it (why do mom's instinctively catch pewk!?) and pretty soon we were riding in an ambulance to the Dorenbecher (sorry for all the spelling mistakes by the way) childrens hospital ER. When we got there he threw up again and I caught it yet again and then the doctors there started poking and evaluating him. I lost count how many times they drew blood or checked his annal cavity. I'm sure I broke down a few times during the day. Who wants to see their child in this much pain!? No one. Finally one of the four doctors taking care of Aidan came in and told us his diagnosis...something similar to bowel obstruction, and I'm not even going to try and spell what it was he said so I'll just describe what it was. Basically part of your intestine relapses inside itself like a telescope and gets stuck and is very painful and causes a bit of an obstruction, causing abdominal pain, vomiting etc etc. He said he wanted to do some more tests to see if it was really that and then they would think about tests for yep that still wasn't out of the picture. So they put and IV in him to give him some much need fluids (that wasn't fun to watch) then they sent him for an X-ray. When we got back from that it dawned on me that we hadn't given him a blessing yet. So I asked David to give Aidan a blessing and he quietly leaned over and offered a priesthood blessing. Right after giving the blessing David told me Aidan was going to be just fine. Soon we were headed to the ultrasound lab to see if was this intestine telescope thing and to see if they could see his appendix. Anyhoo, when we got back to his room after this it was like nothing had even happened to Aidan! He did a total 180! He started walking around, being his little inquisitive self, looking at all the things with wheels in the rooms, pointing out colors and being sassy! Then the doc came in to examine him with kind of a weird look on his face. He said the ultrasound didn't show anything, but he said he knew he felt the bulge when he did his initial exam and now the bulge was gone. David and i just looked at eachother and we knew that Heavenly Father answered our prayers and healed our son (or else he would have had to have a air enema and a possible CAT scan to rule out appendicitis). The doc was even confused at his sudden recovery! He said that this sort of condition will on a rare occasion cure itself but usually they have to fix it. He said Aidan was a lucky kid, but we knew luck had nothing to do with was all Heavenly Father!

The moral of the story, give a blessing sooner! I am sooo grateful to be a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints and to be married to an amazing husband who is worthy to hold and us the priesthood blessings as we see fit to use them. I have a stronger testimony now for priesthood and the power of prayer. And I'm still thanking my heavenly father for helping heal our little Aidan! To the Young's, Thank you soo much for taking Xander and Hailee at the last minute and watching them all day and for cooking our meal for the Goodmans (sorry about that Marykaye and Chad). And to the Mollenhauers, Thank You for helping watch our kids too. You guys are amazing friends and we can't thank you enough. We really do appreciate it. We are so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing friends who we really see as Family! Thank you all so much!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

}Double Date

David watched the Young's girls, Taylor and Rilee, one night and happened to take these cute pics of the four of them watching a movie together. It totally looks like they are on a double date! To cute!

Video of Hailee sitting! For you Relatives far away! :)

Here's a video of Hailee sitting by herself and of her new earings! TO CUTE!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sitting Pretty :)

So Hailee has been sitting pretty much on her own for the past week or so and I finally took some pics ...what a slacker mom I am. She's even been trying to crawl...not yet please!! I already have a hard enough time chasing after my hyper boys not another one! hee hee

Also, you'll probably notice from the above pics that we finally got Hailee's ears pierced! Today actually! YIPPIE!! She did pretty good, only cried for about a minute. But she sure does look stinkin CUTE with that bling on her lobes!!! Oh the things we do to look pretty. heehee

Monday, September 17, 2007

Our Jolly Jumper!

Here are some pics of Hailee going nuts in the jolly jumper. She loves this thing! The last two pics I was fooling around with Photoshop...I love that program!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

} Ebay cons take that!

This one is for all of you that have at one point in your life been scammed by a fellow ebayer!Some of you may already know this story, but oh well. My blog, I get to vent! (or in this case CHEER!!) About a month ago I purchased a rather expensive item on ebay and was way excited about it since I was actually saving about $100! So I buy it and all is good....then a week goes by and no stamps (that's what I bought by the way)....then almost two weeks. So I decided to email this "seller" to see what was up! It turned out my package was "damaged" and "lost" in transist. Were you going to tell me that? I think not! So I kindly asked for my money back and the reply was "I'm not liable for products once shipped." Oh NO YOU DIDN"T! First of all the buyer is always right, especially if you recieved the money asap! Second, if you don't offer extra insurance for shipping you ARE liable. THIRD, you obviously did a crap job of packaging something so expensive that it was damaged in transit! And of course FOURTH, You don't mess with ME (especially when I don't have that money to spend in the first place!)!! So then began an exchange of emails for yet another week and an investigation on my part. Anyhoo, I ended up filing a claim with Ebay and Paypal and what do you know.....We WON!! SUCKER!!! Not only did paypal give us our money back but they took it from her account instead of from our protection insurance (I guess everyone has it that is with paypal). SWEET VICTORY!!! I'm sure she learned her lesson and so did I! One for the Johnston's.... zero for the "seller". Thanks for listening and now I do my victory dance! hee hee :)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Yep, one more was a LONG weekend afterall!

Rub-a-dub-dub 3 Kiddo's in the TUB!

This is probably the first time the three of them have been in the tub together and they were having a blast, giggling, splashing and making silly faces! I love bath time!

Hailee's first taste of food!

So Hailee turned 5 months old this weekend, so we decided to let her try her first solid food. We usually do rice cereal first, so that's what she got. Poor kid! I think the stuff is disgusting...and it looks as though she does too. She's been a good sport though and at least eats 1Tbsp every morning. Maybe we'll move onto something more yummy like the FRUITS!!

Enchanted Forest

This Long weekend has been a blast! Probably because it's the first weekend David has been home for quite a while so we got to do some stuff as a family. We decided to talk the kids to Enchanted Forest near Salem and they had a blast. The boys were actually able to go on a few rides and loved going through the storybook lane, reading all the nursery rhymes and just running around exploring! Good times were had by all!