Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

The happy egg decorators! Yep, we had them strip down to there unmentionables...can't mess around when dealing with permanent dyes.
Hailee enjoying observing the fun.
Coloring eggs. That's David's mom. His parents and sister Laurie were over for easter dinner and coloring fun.
Aidan the artist!
Xander the artist!
The Finished product.
So we had a great Easter weekend. We potty trained Xander...although he has seriously regressed to the point that he refuses to use the potty...so we may have to give it a break for a week or so and try again. That's another story though. ARGH!!! We cleaned out our unfinished basement, threw some rugs down there and hauled all the toys down there, so now the kids have a play room. I'm loving it! We had our Easter dinner on Sunday and the easter bunny came Monday morning. So overall a great weekend. Hope you all had a great easter too!

Dr. David Johnston

This is the old David, unemployed and a poor student....
This is the new and improved David (Dr. David)....still poor but at least he's employed right??
Aidan celebrating daddy's Graduation with cake and icecream.
Hailee waiting for the yummy cake! Also celebrating (can't you tell by how excited she is!)
Xander also celebrating! Yeah for Daddy!

So David's offical last day as a student was this last Friday. He is now a real Dr. of Chiropractic. All he needs now is his licence...which won't be until summer time. But he happens to be employed by two very nice Chiro's who have offered him a job as a receptionist for the meantime. Yep, he answers phones...SWEET!! Congrats David, we are very proud of you!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The new pad

Well here it is....our home sweet home! Warning though, the upstairs is not finished being decorated and some of the downstairs too for that matter, so this is not the ultimate finished product, but at least you'll get the idea of what it's like...

So here is the outside in front. Ours is the one with 4016 on the garage and the garage door is shut. Our front entrance is to the right of the garage.
This the in front entry view from the living room. The door on the left is the main entrance and the door on the right is the garage entrance. Did I mention I love having a garage!! There is also a closet by the garage door.
Our lovely living room. (view from front entry). Love the gas fireplace and hardwood floors! Oh and the TV above the fireplace came with the condo. SWEET!!
A view of our office/computer corner. Just got the desk and bookcase at IKEA and love it! Just have to decorate it and make it pretty. (view from kitchen doorway)
Here is a view looking through the living room into the kitchen from the front entry.
Here is what you see when you first come into the kitchen. We will have blinds soon. The back door is off the the right of the buffet. We also have a basement and the door to the basement is directly to the right of this pic (right of doorway to kitchen). It's unfinished but David and I have big plans for it. We plan on putting a family/toy room, bathroom and extra bedroom down there. Our laundry room is also in the basement.
Here is what you see when you first come into the kitchen and turn to the left. Love my kitchen! Stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.
View of kitchen from back door. So much room!!!!
Here is our backyard. Yep we have a backyard, they just have to finish fencing it in...that'll be done this summer I'm assuming. There is a patio too, you just can't seen it too well under the snow.
You can see the church from our place too. This is a view from the back door.
View from the front door looking up the stairs.
The kids bedroom doors. Sorry no pics of the kids rooms, but you've seen one bedroom you've seen them all right? The one with the sign on it is the boys room and the one without is Hailee's (and fetus's :) )
View of the hall heading to the master bedroom from the top of the stairs. The door to the right is the main bath, then the linen closet and then our room.
View into our room from the doorway. Lots of space and best of all...no kids!! First time we've had our own room without a kid sleeping with us in 11 months!
View of our room from the window. That's my (Chrystal) closet. That's right, built-ins baby!
David's closet also with built-in's....yep, we have our own closets and we love it!
And last but not least, the master bath. It's small, but the shower is huge and it serves it's purpose....besides we've never had our own master bathroom and we are loving it!
So there you have it, our new home! We love it and can't wait for people to come visit us now!

Friday, March 14, 2008

The BIG update!

So I guess I'll start at the beginning...we moved just before Christmas and made it safe and sound in Edson. We spent Christmas eve and day with David's parents and family. This is a pic of us Christmas morning before opening the gifts.

Then we headed down south to Cardston to have our second Christmas with my parents. The boys of course spent a lot of time on the quad with Papa A.

We also were at my parents for new years. We didn't do anything big, in fact David and I actually went to bed early New years eve. What party poopers we are. But we celebrated with the kids mid afternoon. They loved wearing the party hats and blowing the noise makers.

Pretty soon it was Xanders birthday. Xander turned 2 January 11th. We didn't have anything big for him, just his family, some cake and presents. He seemed pretty happy with that.

Yummy....Birthday cake. Aidan even helped Xander blow out the candles.

He got a bunch of balls and cars and stuff and of course since we are now back in Canada David thought it was appropriate to get him a hockey stick and puck (soft of course).

David tired after all of the birthday festivities. hee hee

David's parents have this stool that is a bear and the kids loved to play with it and pretend to ride it. Here is Hailee taking her turn. It was hilarious and she loved it!

Mullet man! hee hee. This is David's dad's winter hat but when we put it on Xander it looked like he had a mullet. LOVE IT!!!

Snowman #1. It's Aidan if you couldn't tell.

Snowman #2...aka Xander.

The boys playing outside in the snow. This was after a buttload of snow fell sometime mid January. The boys weren't to happy about being cold at first but they sure love playing out in the snow now. Especially since I bundle them up to the point they almost can't move!

For valentines the boys helped me make cookies...and of course enjoyed eating them too!

This was soo cute...Aidan and Hailee were being quite so I came downstairs to check on them and here they were reading books. What cuties!

Aidan getting ready for a snowmobile ride. The helmet was so heavy he could barely hold his head up.

The boys well....being boys. They have done this a few times, emptied the kleenex box. I guess it could have been worse right??

Hailee having fun in "the box". She is such a busy body that sometimes she just kept getting into trouble. So we had a big box with toys we'd put her in and she'd play in it and have a great time.

Little spike! hee hee

My sister Dallas and I spent a weekend at a crop at pigeon lake. We had a great time staying up late scrapbooking and creating some fun stuff.

We had a great time and look forward to next years retreat! Thanks Dash!

Bathing beauty. Such a pretty girl!
The Kids playing on the stairs before church.
Aidan kissing the baby belly...yep I'm sure showing now!
And last but not least the BELLY!!

So there you have it. We are now moved into our new place too. I am still unpacking some stuff and as soon as our place is all set up and looks presentable I'll take some pics to post on here. I should be all done unpacking by next week so make sure to keep stopping in to see pics of our new place. We love it here! But we sure do miss all of you down south. Thanks for stopping by!