Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My little helper

Aidan is such a good little helper. He is always giving Hailee hugs and kisses and loves to give her her pacifier (as you can see). And she loves the boys. All she has to do is see or hear them and she smiles. Oh and I just thought I'd throw in this pic of Xander and his wonderful bed-head hair. What cute kids we have!

Pretty Girl

Just decided to take some pics of our adorable little girl Hailee! The headband she is wearing is from Abby.....sooooo cute! She is such a happy baby, very lay ed-back too. We are so blessed to have her in our family.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Treat Time!

The Boys love their treats....what kid doesn't! This time it was popsicles and I think it was a hit. Aidan wasn't to sure about it...he doesn't like any cold treats like icecream but he at least tried the popsicle (mom had to finish it off). Sorry treats for you just yet!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Pics of last week and memorial day weekend

Just wanted to post some pics of the past week and memorial day weekend.
Trevor, Amy and their kids were visiting for the week so we took them to a few places around Portland. We went to the zoo, and I totally forgot my camera so I wasn't able to post any pics of that, but it was still fun. Then we took them to the fish hatchery at Bonneville to feed the fish and see Herman the sturgeon. The Kids loved it.

Here are Zoe, Isaac and Aidan walking hand in hand. How cute!
Here the kids are checking out the huge Sturgeon....pretty cool stuff.

Here we all are feeding the trout and the ducks. The kids really enjoyed this.

Then we all headed up to the coast on Saturday. We first stopped at Cannon Beach and then headed down the coast to Newport and then back over and up to Portland. Here is a pic of Laurie and Aidan at cannon beach.

Here are some pics of the boys playing and running around at Cannon beach.

Below is all of us....Hailee is hiding under David's coat.

Here is a pic of David and his brother Trevor and his sister Laurie
and here is a pic of everyone enjoying some fresh crab.....everyone but me that is.

Hailee's blessing

Yesterday we had Hailee's blessing, and David gave a beautiful blessing! This is probably the first family picture we have taken with our camera too! What cute kids we have!

Aidan is such a good big brother holding his little sister Hailee. The boys are both great big brothers.

Doesn't Hailee look adorable in her little white dress!

Laurie, David's sister, was also able to be here for the blessing too.

Here are all of the cousin's together. Trevor, David's brother, and his wife Amy and their two kids Zoe and Isaac were also able to make it for the blessing. They also spent a week here with keep an eye open for pics of the fun times we had during that week!

Monday, May 14, 2007

If only everyday could be mothers day!

Hey y'all! I hope all of you mothers out there had a great mothers day, because I did. I recieved a beautiful bouquet of red roses from my husband and kids and a card from my kids and a card from my wonderful hubby. My husband also got me a gift certificate to StarBucks because I'm a little addicted to their Strawberry and Cream drink (thanks a lot Mandy!). Also, as part of my mothers day gift I was able to take a much needed nap for 3 hours! Oh it felt good and I was reenergized.....well for a while anyways. I'm soooo lucky to have such amazing beautiful kids and such an awesome wonderful caring husband!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

WSCC Weight Loss Challenge

So I thought I'd mention the fact that the past 4 months David has been part of the WSCC weight loss challenge and was acutally the winner! He worked really hard to achieve his goal weight and to win this challenge. He ended up loosing a total of 49lbs, 11% body fat and 26 inches overall! Note the before and after pics. What a difference. He looks and feels great and I'm very proud of him for accomplishing this goal. Now it's my turn!

We are Here!

So we figured that since everyone else is on this website why not join in the fun. It'll be an easy way to keep in touch with y'all and a good place to post updated photo's of the kids for everyone to "awww" over. We are excited to be part of the blogger community!