Friday, May 8, 2009

Say What????

So you wanna hear some exciting news??? David and I are going to the Bahamas in June!! YIPPIE!!! So I guess it's more exciting to us. We were originally planning on going to Portland this June so that David could attend a seminar at WSCC to get his continuing ed credits and to visit some of our awesome friends that we are missing a TON! Well, David found out that he didn't need to attend the seminar, that he had sufficient enough credits for the year...which was code for we don't need to go to Portland. Well needless to say I was pretty upset. We had been planning and saving for this trip for the past few months and I needed a break from the daily grind. I haven't had a day off from my amazing job of full-time mommy since I became a mommy (5 years now)! I don't know if it was because I was having a bad day or week but I just broke down. David, being the amazing husband he is, realized that if we weren't going to Portland we still needed to go somewhere so I could have some much needed vacation time, just the two of us! So we looked into Puerto Vallarta because his parents had a time share there and basically that was what we could afford (what we had saved up for our Portland trip). We were supper excited and started looking into flights and what not. Well it so happened that that evening on the news was the good ole H1N1 flu outbreak (swine flu). Oh goodie!!! Being the positive person that I am (note the sarcasm) I began to give up on the idea that David and I would ever be able to get away. Well, David and I began looking at other possiblities. We just randomly searched different affordable possibilities and that's when the bahamas popped up! We just booked our trip this last Monday! We are so excited. This will be our first time to go on a trip together....well ever! And our first time away from the kids without one of us to be there to watch them. I'm a little nervous about that but my excitment is doing a good job covering my nervousness.

Another thing that happened, yesterday, Aidan was jumping around on the couch and mis-calculated his landing, bounced backwards and cracked his head on the base corn piece of our couch. He has fallen a lot and I didn't think it was that bad until he stood up crying and holding his head with some healthy red oozing fluid flowing through his fingers. Yep, he was REALLY hurt. He cut open the back of his head, about an inch long gash. Luckily my in-laws were here, so I ran Aidan to the ER and proceeded to wait two hours to see a doctor! He ended up getting it glued together instead of stitches. Only our second trip to the ER. Not bad for having a bunch of high-energy boys!

And of course it wouldn't be a blog entry worth stopping by and checking out without pics of our adorable amazing kiddos!! I love these kids soo much!

Thanks for stopping by and sorry again to all of our Portland friends (especially the Youngs) that we won't be able to see you next month! We miss you all very much!